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Come visit this inspiring hotel concept with the finest ideas and products of ten Belgian design brands: Casalis, Deknudt Mirrors, Durlet, Gardeco, Woodstoxx, Lithoss, Manutti, TAL, Umbrosa and Verilin. They joined forces and are proud to show you innovative combined solutions for the international contract market, indoors and outdoors. Bubbling with enthusiasm, they are ready to dive into this unique project and present their second collaboration at Maison & Objet.

Connected by their shared passion for design and love for artisanal production  techniques, ten Belgian brands decided to collaborate and create an entirely new and innovative hotel concept for the Parisian fair Maison & Objet: Hotel Bel’chique. The brands decorated and furnished this entire pop-up hotel from the hotel room itself to the lobby and terrace. Each of the brands carefully selected their newest, most outstanding and tailor-made products.

TAL brings light into the rooms with their beautiful design lamps, accompanied by the stylish light switches of sister-company Lithoss. Woodstoxx provides the hotel with a stylish wooden floor. The inviting leather seating furniture of Durlet makes it hard not to want to sit down and doze off for a while. Also discover the leather coating details at the booth. Casalis on the other hand not only shows their comfortable and fashionable poofs and carpets, but also offers fabric wall panels that are aesthetically pleasing and improve the acoustics of the respective room. Gardeco brightens up the rooms with various unique art objects and Deknudt Mirrors will show what beautiful mirrors can do for a room. Verilin presents tailor-made bed linen, a semi-transparent curtain with colour transition and a linen curtain with crackle effect. Hotel Bel’chique also thought about outdoor living: you will see the refined and comfortable outdoor furniture of Manutti accompanied with the modern and ingenious sunshades of Umbrosa.

Together, these ten brands proved that they are able to offer the decoration, furniture and flooring of an entire hotel, but of course, they are open for every kind of challenge. They complement each other perfectly and are totally ready to welcome the project market with open arms. One thing’s for sure: design lovers will thoroughly enjoy themselves with this unique concept.


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