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About Hotel Bel’chique

Hotel Bel’chique stands for premium quality and design, made in Belgium.

‘Together we are strong.’ Believing in this principle, ten Belgian design brands decided to join forces and establish Hotel Bel’chique. By working together, they can spotlight their work for the project market even more and support each other. While each brand has its own specialty and individual focus, a shared passion for design is what connects them.

The “hotel” in Hotel Bel’chique stands for the project market. In a hotel, each of the ten brands can show what he is good at and make his product stand out. By combining all of their qualities, you get the cosy hotel-feeling. It’s a unique chance to see the product in a real setting instead of showcasing an isolated product. Lighting, light switches, tapestry, linen, mirrors, seating furniture, outdoor furniture, parasols, wooden flooring, art objects, carpets: all of these products are complementary to each other and form a whole.

“Bel’chique” is a contraction of “Belgium and chic”. The brands are proud of their Belgian identity and want to show the world what Belgian design truly is. ‘Chique’ refers to the high-end segments the brands are in. They exclusively design and produce high-quality products and avoid mass production. Not only the quality of their products has to be splendid, their looks are also a very important factor. “Belgians are often too modest to be proud of what they are doing. But not everyone is able to offer the combination of premium quality and design, and in Belgium, it’s in our genes to pay attention to both”, says Karel Festjens of TAL. “This unique mix is what really makes us stand out.”