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Francis Vercaemst – CEO Casalis:

“We are specialized in designing and producing contemporary interior applications based on textiles. We always try to make an innovative and original product, that is also created and produced with respect for people and their traditions. Our main activities include designing and producing carpets, architectural textiles for acoustic applications, and objects like poofs, cushions, plaids and lamps. For our carpets we like to make use of various artisanal techniques. Most of our products are handmade. That way, we can be flexible towards our clients and offer them more colours and sizes. We’re always searching for the best and most beautiful materials from all over the world.

We use merino wool and silk for example, and are specialized in alpaca wool from Peru and mohair from South Africa. Mohair is an ideal substitute for silk, as it is more durable and easier in use and maintenance. We have three main collections: carpets, objects and architextiles. Bonnet is a collection consisting of poofs with a knitted ‘hat’ available in many colours. The Slumber collection is inventive because we make use of three-dimensional elastic fabric. The Slumber poofs are highly flexible: when you sit on them, they take the shape of your body and when you get up, they rebound to their original shapes. There are also cushions and plaids available in these two collections. Our architextiles collection is the result of our expertise in three-dimensional fabrics, which offer a good acoustic absorption and are aesthetically pleasing. The fabrics can be used for sound proof paneling hung on walls or ceilings or to be put on the floor.”

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8500 Kortrijk
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