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Deknudt Mirrors

Jan Deknudt – Director Deknudt Mirrors:

“My grandfather was frustrated about the quality and design of mirrors and wanted to create a more beautiful, innovative and qualitative product. That’s why he founded Deknudt Mirrors in 1946. In the seventies, we started creating decorative mirrors. And now, more than 70 years after the foundation of Deknudt Mirrors, we are a company with 110 happy employees, designing and producing three collections that are being sold worldwide.

With our Homka collection we want to reach the mid-segment. This collection offers mirrors of various styles and offers great value for money. Our Decora collection stands for trendy, original and high-quality mirrors that have a five year guarantee. The small details and fine finish make a difference. Our Reflect+ collection is the most exclusive one. These mirrors are not necessarily more expensive, but the focus is mainly on their design. Reflect+ is a minimalistic design collection for which we conciously collaborate with external designers. External designers force us to think out of the box and create something that we considered impossible before.

I really like the fact that price is a minor factor in our business. It’s more about finding the right mirror for the right market, using the right materials, colours and shapes. A mirror is such a special object, that can beautify, enlarge or uprate your interior.”

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