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Anton Vanzieleghem – CEO Durlet

“Durlet was established in 1966 by my grandfather, Egide Durlet, and is still a family business today. From the very start, we have been creating our own identity by focussing on design and quality. This enables us to be still producing in Belgium.

We are specialized in seating furniture and upholstery and are well-known for our selective range of leathers. We have a business unit for the private residential sector as well as the contract market. For the private sector we produce sofas, chairs, armchairs, lounge chairs, tables and coffee tables. Our strength in the project market is our great flexibility. We deliver a wide range of solutions varying from products of our standard collection to customized products which create totally new made-to-measure seating furniture or even the upholstered bed panels and complete walls. Our work is very challenging and fun, as every project is different. I really enjoy being part of a company that is continuously innovating and delivering products that make people happy.

We stand for a combination of design, comfort and quality. We pay a lot of attention to the human factors and ergonomics of our products, something that is overlooked very often. It’s important that our products are well thought-out and sustainable. Not only the materials used have to last for decades, but also the look of our products. Because for us, design is not a trend.”

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