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Guy Buseyne – inspirator Gardeco:

“What I like most about Gardeco is that we don’t work with industrial products. We always look for the beauty of things in the first place and the meaning behind that beauty. For us, it’s important that there’s a real person with an own story behind the art. That’s why we always work with genuine artists who often even have another job in their everyday life. We ask them to produce a limited collection specially for Gardeco.

We have three main collections: ceramics, bronze statues and the glass pieces of Regina Medeiros. We attach great importance to the materials used for the art objects and the way they are produced. We mostly collaborate with Belgian artists and some Brazilian. For the production process of most of our objects, we partnered up with Cores da Terra, a studio where all ceramics are handmade by using natural pigments, founded by Selma Calheira. The studio educates local artisans and contributes to the economic and cultural development of one of the poorest areas of Brazil.

We are very passionate about making art accessible to everyone. We mostly limit our objects to 49 or 75 pieces. That way, they are still exclusive and unique, yet more affordable. We want to reach a bigger audience with sustainable, beautiful and qualitative art objects.”

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Molendamstraat 12
8210 Zedelgem
T +32 50 82 77 62
F +32 50 82 77 63
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