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Peter Wyffels – Export Manager Lithoss:

“It all started in the year 2000 when Lithoss had the intention of creating a timeless and exclusive light switch. We wanted something different from the traditional light switches in the market, who are mostly made up as cheap materials like plastic. At that time, no one had thought about the fact that a light switch is an important part of an interior, as it is fixed at a height that is always visible. With that knowledge we started creating our concept.

That way, our first collection Select was born. The Select collection consists of clean light switches that have the perfect symmetry of a square push button in a square frame. We systematically add new finishes to our collections using massive materials: inox, bronze, copper etc. These materials are being manually processed to come to an exclusive final result. Every light switch is produced in a different way, depending on the finish, but they are all almost entirely handmade. We always try to keep innovating using artisanal techniques. That way, our production process differentiates us from other companies in the sector.

We select our materials and partners with the highest care. For us, it’s important that our partners share our views on quality and that they have their seat within a radius of 15 to 20 kilometer of our company. That way, they are closely involved in our production process, we can do thorough quality controls and we can give input in a fast way.”

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