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Jérôme Prudhomme – Marketing and communication manager Manutti:

“Manutti is a designer and manufacturer of exclusive outdoor furniture. We offer an extensive product range, varying from a contemporary one to a more classic one. We like to think along with our clients to find the perfect solution for every type of garden or outdoor space. Having an eye for detail is very important for us. Every part of our products is well thought-out and designed with attention, knowledge and passion. Our daily challenge is to find a compromise between design, quality and comfort. Every product that we create is the result of an intensive cooperation of the various departments and disciplines within our company.

I like that our team always creates unique and innovative solutions. For example, we played a pioneer role in using imitation leather for outdoor furniture, as seen in yachting. And we were one of the first companies that introduced the ‘indoor sitting room’ concept for the outdoor market.

It’s also very important to know the mind of people, understand how people are living, what view of life they are holding and what role interior and design are playing in their lives. By continuously trendwatching on different levels, we are able to understand what people really want. Listening to people is crucial in our job.”

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Beverenstraat 13-17
8540 Deerlijk
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