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Karel Festjens – CEO Tal:

“TAL designs and produces lighting in an artisanal way. Design is very important to us, but we like to keep things timeless and base ourselves on pure shapes. We have our own design team, but we also work with external designers. They allow us to broaden our view, because they aren’t designing lighting all day like we do.

Maybe this sounds like a cliché, but we want to design lighting like we would do for ourselves. We are only satisfied when we can truly say that we would want it for our own house or office. That has always been our approach. Also, we are not easily satisfied. If we can refine the product during the development process, we don’t hesitate. And even if the product is already on the market and is very successful, we are still looking to improve it. We also keep a finger on the pulse of LED technology: we always work with the newest technologies from different manufacturers. One of our strengths is that we always choose the best LED for the specific application we need. That means that the quality of the light has to be excellent: the colour temperature, the colour rendering et cetera, but we also want our products to be ‘green’ and consume less energy. Another thing we keep in mind is that our products have to be efficient and easy to install. That’s why we always install them ourselves first, to make sure that there are no difficulties.”

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Joos de ter Beerstlaan 33
8740 Pittem
T +32 51 46 43 41
F +32 51 46 43 42
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