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Eva Verbessert -Marketing Manager Umbrosa:

“Unique shade design, there is no better way to summarize what Umbrosa is all about. Umbrosa is headquartered in Belgium and offers an ingenious collection of first rate, flexible and artful shade solutions, each insuring protection from the sun in a sleek and stylish way. Umbrosa shade solutions make a sweeping statement of both elegance and understated simplicity, combined with unseen ergonomics that take ‘easy of use’ to another dimension.

We deliberately choose to work with top-notch Belgian designers and to manufacture exclusively in Belgium. Components are crafted from durable anodized aluminum, UV-resistant materials, and the highest quality fabrics to provide long-lasting shade year after year. Our umbrella lines are exported to over 50 countries and are used worldwide by renowned hotel groups. We are a company driven by passion for shade! I love working in that kind of atmosphere!”

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Beversesteenweg 565
8800 Roeselare
T +32 51 30 22 60
F +32 51 30 22 62
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