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Ilse Dedeken – Co-director Verilin:

“I belong to the third generation of my family working at Verilin: I have grown up with linen. My grandfather founded the company in 1956 when the flax industry over here was booming. We still use the traditional techniques he introduced back then, but we are constantly innovating our products and expanding our product lines. With new materials we are able to find and market new applications. Out of an old craft tradition, we create new products and innovations. What I like the most about my job, is that I am free to do my thing and be creative.

I think along with the client to develop their project. Together with my team, of which I am very proud of, we realize every linen dream. Our clients are very diverse: we work for boutique hotels, golf clubs, architects, star restaurants, embassies and many more. We look for the ideal solution for their linen, ranging from bed and table linen to curtains and other interior applications. We often collaborate with designers and artists to reinforce our image of being a trendsetter. Moreover, everything we create is tailor-made and the entire production process, from weaving to the finished product, still takes place in-house in our hightech machinepark here in Belgium. Producing everything ourselves is part of our philosophy.”

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